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Testimonial List

Thank you
“Thank you both for a great and educational experience! I thoroughly enjoyed hiking with both of you and look forward to our hiking paths crossing in the future! I truly felt that I was hiking with friends (and of course experts!) which made the adventure even more enjoyable.” ---Sue S., Pennsylvania
Sue S ( Thank you , Allegheny National Forest )
East Coast Trail
I am very impressed by the quality of your work. You gave me a memorable trip. Thank you again and again.
Marie, California
Excellent tour guide and a great guy
I had the honor and the privilege to be part of a Dutch tour group travelling the beautiful Southwestern part of the US, led by Todd Lange. He turned out to be an excellent tour guide, very well prepared and with a great knowledge of the places you visit. And besides that, he is also a friendly and social guy. If you take a tour guided by him you're travelling with a true professional.
Marco v. M. ( The Netherlands )
It just doesn't get better than this!
Paul and Todd get it just right! My husband and I have been hiking in far flung places with these two guides for many years and have counted on them without fail to arrange adventures of a lifetime. The Pyrenees adventure provided spectacular scenery, beautifully situated mountain huts, exquisite local cuisine, great companionship. Add to that the warm and welcoming Spanish culture… it just doesn't get better than that.
Catherine M. ( Pyrenees Trek )
Stunningly Magnificent
Walking into the beautiful valley that opens onto Glaciar Los Perros and hiking along the stunningly magnificent Glaciar Grey made this an incredible trip. The Treks and Trails team used their experience to optimize our experience. It was a great trek!
Ed L. ( Patagonia Trek )
The beauty and history of Kungsleden
The Kungsleden trail in Sweden is full of gorgeous scenery, and the hut system provides a place to relax, re-supply and meet fellow hikers from all over the world. The Treks & Trails International guides put together a trip which allowed us to experience all of the beauty and history the Kungsleden and Stockholm have to offer.
Kevin T. ( Kungsleden Trek )
Dr. Suess-like mountains!
Iceland was my first major backpacking trip. Every few hours brought us into stunning, almost extraterrestrial terrain featuring glaciers, fumaroles, waterfalls, Dr. Suess-like mountains and even what seemed to be a desert. The trip challenged me both physically and mentally, and I came home from the adventure a stronger person -- thanks in no small part to Paul and Todd for their great leadership.
Molly O. ( Iceland Trek )
Unique Challenges
The Gros Morne trip was a unique challenge… across a tundra landscape filled with streams, lakes, and tuckamore. The rewards for this effort were gorgeous views of the fjords from the top – a perspective that most visitors don’t get to see.
Dave D. ( Gros Morne Trek )
Very well-planned!
The trip was very well-planned, from the size of the group, to the distance, pace, and difficulty each day, to the food. Paul and Todd did a wonderful job putting together a hike that both experienced backpackers and relative newbies (like me) could physically handle and enjoy.
Katie C. ( Gaspe Trek )


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